Colourful, tasty and versatile, vegetables are perfect for entertaining friends and relatives in a friendly and simple way. Below, discover a host of colourful appetizer ideas that feature vegetables, your best allies for a successful cocktail.


Vegetables in all their forms

Whether you serve them shredded, cut or spiralized, dare to transform vegetables into tasty appetizers. A salad, mini vegetable and cheese skewers, a dip with crudités and rolled bites made with vegetable ribbons will make your table look fabulous. Impress your guests with a host of vegetables and a variety of appetizers that are a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

To try:

  • Carrot and White Bean Salad with Tarragon
  • Mini vegetable fettuccine skewers (turnip, carrot or beet), halloumi cheese cubes, prosciutto and cherry tomato, grilled or not on the BBQ
  • Beet hummus on crackers
  • Rolled bites: zucchini ribbons with cream cheese, pesto and dried tomatoes
  • Mediterranean Bread to be served in small cubes
  • Raspberry, white chocolate and pink pepper cup to be served in small glasses


Vegetables for all occasions

Whether you are hosting a large group or just a few guests for a no-fuss or spontaneous yet elegant cocktail, there are plenty of ideas to serve up vegetables in your appetizers.

TV night. Make hockey night even better by swapping a few greasy and salty bites for these great recipe ideas. Scout’s honour! Serve them alongside your favourite appetizers, and you’ll have something for everyone!

To try:

  • Veggie-packed pizzas, such as Italian sausage and spinach pizza
  • Uniquely refined hot dogs that are oh-so-delicious: Shrimp guedilles with tarragon mayo. Your guests are sure to ask for the recipe!
  • Buffalo cauliflower “wings”: This Trois fois par jour recipe is finger-licking good!


For a chic happy hour. These elegant yet simple appetizers are on point.

To try:

  • Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus roasted in the oven
  • A Salty Tart with Smoked salmon and Vegetable Julienne to cut into individual portions
  • A wooden serving board or slate topped with a ball of fresh mozzarella di buffala and antipasti such as dried tomatoes, raw vegetables, red peppers and roasted artichokes, olives, capers and young shoots (alfalfa, radish, sunflower). Serve with good fresh bread.


Potluck-style cocktail fare. Don’t know what to serve at the office potluck? Don’t panic! These recipes can be prepared the day before and are easy to transport from home to work.

To try:

  • A classic pasta salad served with a variety of crunchy vegetables. A classic must-have!
  • A layered dip. Layer # 1: Whisk together equals portions of softened cream cheese and plain Greek yogurt. Layer #2: Salsa and diced fresh tomatoes. Layer #3: Diced bell peppers and chopped green onions. Serve with toasted pita wedges and raw vegetables.
  • A Beet Julienne and Walnut Salad to be served on endive leaves at the last minute. When the endives are on the bitter side, add a drizzle of honey on each bite. It’ll be our little secret!


Cocktail fare on the fly. With these recipes that you can prepare in a flash, all you’ll need to add to the mix are sparkling water and good wines!

To try:

  • A fiesta of bruschetta. Try the classic tomato and basil version and one of the following combinations: grilled asparagus on ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes on guacamole or grilled butternut squash cubes, dried cranberries and goat cheese on olive oil toasted bread.
  • A fresh salad prepared with vegetables in your fridge. No more wasted veggies!

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