Fast and fresh ways to

brigthen up

your plate

Toppings in their own dressing:

an innovative all-in-one concept

The new Florette vegan salad kits are made with simple, 100% natural ingredients, starting with a base of fresh lettuce and raw vegetables. Wishing to include year-round vegetables and fruits in its salad toppings, the sous-vide cooking technique well mastered by the Florette team was ideal. As they are slowly cooking, the toppings are marinated with the vinaigrette simultaneously. The flavors are thus amplified! In addition, by opting for this method, the amount of single-use plastic is reduced, as only one bag is used instead of multiple packets or heavy plastic trays. A gourmet, healthy and winning choice, finally!

A great ally when

cooking in a rush

To make it a complete meal, you can simply add a protein and voila.

As a side dish, they are served as they are, for the delight of the whole family!

On the go, you can use the 100% recyclable plastic container, as a salad bowl.

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