Between the butter-rich sauces, the numerous aperitifs and the abundance of desserts, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you maintain an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals during the holiday season. However, these are essential to maintain an optimal level of energy and to face the rigors of winter.

Here are some tips that will help you incorporate vitamins into your meals easily.

A soup as a starter

Rather than serving large amounts of bread and pies, offer vegetable soup as a starter. Less caloric and much more nutritious, it will allow your guests to better appreciate the dishes that follow. Composed of carrots, celery, cabbage, onions and turnips, our Garden soup vegetable mix allows you to concoct a wide variety of soups that will satisfy your taste buds! Leftovers will also make great lunches.

A sheet pan of vegetables

Mashed potatoes are delicious, but this starch usually topped with butter can add significantly to a meal. So, how to replace the famous mashed potatoes to accompany the turkey? Easy to prepare and rich in vitamins, vegetables cooked on the plate will add a multitude of vitamins to your plate. You just have to mix pieces of vegetables such as carrot, turnip, parsnip, Brussels sprouts and squash with olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme, then spread everything on a baking sheet and bake the mixture for about 30 minutes. To save time, use our Stew and Stir Fry vegetable mix.

Colorful salads

Because their composition adapts to the season, salads are a wonderful accompaniment to any dish, whether it’s a fondue, pâté, stew or roast. Our Sesame Crunch Kit pairs perfectly with holiday meals, while our Coleslaw is a sure bet that everyone will love. Otherwise, prepare a creation of your own based on our fresh Spinach.

Incorporate vegetables into desserts

To finish your holiday meals in style, opt for desserts containing vegetables that will maximize your intake of vitamins and minerals. For example, thanks to our pack of Shredded carrots, you can prepare a carrot cake in no time! The Beet julienne also works well in brownies or chocolate cupcakes.

With Florette, cook healthy, from starter to dessert!

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