Now that the summer season is well established and that we have already survived a few heat waves, the search for ways to cool off is present in our daily lives. Smoothies, usually breakfast kings, are a great way to quench your thirst. They are quick to make, refreshing and healthy. In short, they are perfect for hot weather. The best thing about smoothies is that we can let go of our creativity and try different recipes. In addition, it is easy to integrate different vegetables, so the nutritional contribution is even more interesting.

At Florette, in order to refresh you throughout the summer, we improvised ourselves as mixologists for a minute to concoct you some recipes of smoothies inspired by mocktails. A mocktail is a virgin cocktail, which is assembled in the same way as an alcoholic drink but in which there is no alcohol. It’s an affordable, healthier, and above all, low-calorie way to consume your favorite drinks. Making a mocktail in a smoothie version makes it all the more nourishing and nutritious thanks to the vitamins and fibers provided by the various ingredients. The following 4 smoothies are smart imitations of the most popular summer cocktails.


This smoothie will be perfect for celebrating Canada Day! There are raspberries, beets, cranberry juice and maple syrup. Made with local products, festive colors, this smoothie will delight everyone.


It is the ideal ally to survive the heat wave. This smoothie is one of the most refreshing, thanks in part to the mint leaf. There are also spinach, cucumber, green apple, lime and maple syrup. It is a healthier and more nutritious version of the classic mojitos so popular in the summer season.


The “banana mama” cocktail is a little less known. It is mainly found in Cuba. In order to make a mocktail smoothie version, we used bananas, pineapple, grated carrot, orange juice and coconut milk. With this smoothie you will definitely feel like you are in the south without leaving your balcony.


The last and not the least! The strawberry daiquiri style smoothie is a real delight. You can use strawberries from Quebec and freeze them to make it even better. The recipe is super simple and requires few ingredients, you will need strawberries, beets, maple syrup, lime and water.

To try : to make your smoothies even more refreshing, you can pour the mixture in molds for popsicles.

Benefits of adding vegetables to your smoothie : Adding vegetables to your smoothies provides various benefits. In addition to the additional vitamins, they have different virtues. Beets have a high antioxidant power, they promote good eye health and help improve sports performance. As for carrots, they promote cardiovascular health and have protective effects against cancer. Finally, spinach contains lutein and zeaxanthin which are known to prevent macular degeneration. They also help to have better resistance to oxidative stress.

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