Healthy and convenient

Children are often told to eat all their vegetables because it’s good for them. But we rarely hear about the pleasure of eating vegetables!

With Florette, eating the vegetables you need is no longer a chore. It’s a breeze to add them to your menu! Our mission is to help consumers fill their plates with fresh, easy-to-cook vegetables and also to inspire the discovery of new ways to use a variety of delicious vegetables in everyday meals.

The vegetable you want to eat!

Our colourful packaging offers unique cuts of vegetables that will revitalize your daily menu and add vitamins to your meals! Freshly packaged and ready to eat, Florette’s tasty vegetables and salads make everyday meal preparation easy and appetizing in a snap.

Whether it’s to accompany a salad, add texture to a pasta dish, or make soups or smoothies, Florette’s fresh vegetables will inspire you to create tasty dishes and reduce preparation time.

Privileged relationship with mother earth

To offer you top-quality products, it is essential to know and appreciate the products we put on the supermarket shelves and maintain a privileged relationship with our local produce growers. This guarantees that our products are grown responsibly and are of unequalled freshness because our farmers know that these elements are very important to our team… and to you!

Our vegetables are fresh and crisp in all seasons and cut according to your daily needs. Florette products are a valuable addition to a balanced diet.

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